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The Children's Cottage Daycare and Preschool Team

Caring & Dedicated staff for all ages this list is not including our licensed and certified and fingerprinted contractors we bring in for tutoring and teaching at  higher grade levels. We also offer Brazilian Jiujitsu and we have a 2nd Degree Brazilian Jiujitsu Blackbelt to teach and run our kids Jiujitsu program. A certified Gymnastic instructors, and many more we want your kids to want to either love to come to daycare or preschool or school in general, we want the kids get used to having fun and learning in what ever they do if something is brand new to them give it a try they are all life lessons  and we want to see them try to be the best they can be to succeed in there dreams.


Yvonne Cottage


Leslie Robles 

Preschool Teacher/ASL Teacher

Team Member

Preschool/Art Teacher

 Mike Cottage MS,CSCS,CPT, PES 

Youth Athletic trainer 


woman cooking.jpg

Maricela Rivera

Head Cook
Restaurant quality cooking and cleaning All Day Long

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