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Our Programs

Over time, we’ve designed and adapted programs to meet the high standards of today’s world of education. With that being said we feel parents should be involved every step of the way, If we wouldn't teach our kids some of these crazy things in the world were not teaching your kids. We feel that children should be taught good Values and morals and have high standards for them to succeed and thrive, They are the designers of their future, and hard work in everything they do will have positive results.  By providing a supportive environment to not only the children but to the families, we make sure each child receives exactly what they need to learn Their way and to try to achieve their full potential. We have Accredited teachers and Certified instructors that All want the best for your children. here is a sample of some of the programs we offer. 

 We accept All California Subsidized programs (CCRC, Kern County, Crystal Stairs, Ventura County) Just to name a couple as well as Cash clients.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Kids Painting

Pre School and Pre K 

We Have Designed Curriculum  based on several years of success, In our state of the art Classrooms indoors and out side, we have Degreed, accredited and certified teachers for all learners and all levels including teachers dedicated to children with special needs. Our programs have put children either right at their current levels or above. Either way your child will be ready to start there Educational Career  ahead of the curve. 

Outdoor Play

Depending on your family’s schedule, our Outdoor / playgrounds (Age and Time Specific) each playground has a schedule so everyone gets to have a great time outdoors. 

 In a world surrounded by absurdities and the  Phones, Tablets, Computers, Video Games, and kids that want to just sit and watch Youtube, We want kids to be kids play outdoors, climb, swing, run yell, kick a ball throw a ball, have fun there are 3 playgrounds . All with different areas of outdoor fun.


Field Trips, outdoor Family adventures and lessons, Art lessons,  Safe Outdoor building lessons, Electronics Time, Video Game times, arts and crafts (Making Shirts and Bracelets, Toy models,)Lego learning   Brazilin Jiujitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Sports training, Full Gym (on-site) Age limit does apply, Movie Nights with new movies on a 15-foot screen. These are just a few things that we love to do with our little friend's, Families are always invited to join in the fun. Simply get in touch - one of our team members will be happy to help schedule a tour and get them enrolled. DAY CAMPS START SOON 

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